Packing Tape 2" X 110yd 6 rolls

Manufacturer part number: TAPE-LARGE-006
2 inch X 110 yards (330 feet) | 2.0 mil (50 micron) thickness | OPP | Adhesive | Packing Tape
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Full Description
  • STANDARD SIZE FITS ALL 2-inch by 110 yards (330 feet) 2.0 mil (50 micron) thickness. Inside diameter of this tape 3-inch. Perfect for use with most tape dispensers. 110 yards length means changing the roll on the dispenser less frequently.
  • LOOKS PROFESSIONAL, GOES ON CLEAR giving aesthetically pleasing finish to your products packaging.
  • STRONG ADHESIVE 2 mil (50 micron) grade thickness of OPP tape. Quickly wrap large and heavy boxes, but also light enough to easily tape small moving boxes, books, picture frames, and more.
  • NO SPLIT OR RIP APPLICATION allows efficient sealing of boxes and packaging. 
  • MULTI PURPOSE suitable for packing cartons, box sealing, office, commercial, warehouse industrial, home moving, shipping, storing. Can be easily loaded to most tape dispensers. (Tape dispenser NOT Included).