Cleaning Cards for Brother & Dymo Printer


Thermal Printers become contaminated with dirt, ink, lint, paper flash and more. If they are not cleaned on a regular basis adhesives and burnt on contaminates can severely damage your printer. These oxides buildup on your printhead and can cause poor print quality. This cleaning card effectively and safely removes ink, dirt, dust, and other contaminants from parts of your printer including the thermal print head, paper path, and paper guide.

Using cleaning cards on a regular basis as part of a preventive maintenance routine can significantly cut down on equipment slowdowns and breakdowns.The regular use of cleaning cards can also extend the overall operating life of many different POS, receipt printing and credit card machines.They are safe, effective, easy to use and will extend the life of your print head.

Our cleaning cards are designed to support printer functionality and efficiency without causing any damage or corrosion to components. Cards come in packs of 25, so your business always has extras on hand.


  • Turn "OFF" the power to the thermal printer.
  • Remove the access panel and lift the printhead to loading position.
  • After unloading label, ticket or ribbon stock (media), open and remove Cleaning Card.
  • Insert Cleaning Card into feed path.
  • Lower printhead into operating position; allow one inch of card to remain exposed.
  • Press form feed or manually pull Cleaning Card with both hands until card has been pulled free.
  • Properly dispose of used card.
  • Printer is READY for immediate use.


Use thermal printer cleaning cards before inserting a new roll of labels, paper or ribbon stock.

CAUTION: Flammable – Contain: 99% Isopropyl Alcohol