Dymo 30256 Compatible Shipping Labels

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    DYMO 30256 large shipping labels (HL-30256) are 100% compatible with any DYMO LabelWriter printer. DYMO shipping labels can be used for shipping labels, stick-on name badges, product identification, and much more.

    DYMO LabelWriter Large Shipping Labels

    • DYMO 30256 large shipping labels dimensions: 2-5/16" x 4"
    • DYMO large white shipping labels: 300 labels per roll
    • DYMO shipping labels are bright white for professional results
    • DYMO 30256 shipping labels are smudge-proof and water/oil resistant
    • Quality label stock, manufactured by Fasson® or Ricoh®
    • Permanent adhesive for a broad range of temperatures and surfaces
    • Black polybag and mini-carton to protect each roll from dirt, sunlight, and scuffing
    • Value for money – buy this brand-compatible product for much less than the DYMO product
    • BPA Free
    • Print labels using software programs like DYMO Label™ Software, Microsoft Word®, Microsoft Outlook®, Act!® and QuickBooks® (sold separately)
    • Compatible Printers:
      • All CoStar and DYMO LabelWriter printers (note: will NOT presently work DYMO LabelWriters 5XL, 550, and 550 Turbo)
      • Rollo printers

    Our DYMO compatible 30256 white large shipping labels are also available in:

    • Eye-catching colors:  yellowbluegreenredpinklavender and orange
    • Removable adhesive:  For retailers, removable adhesive allow labels to be peeled off retail items leaving no glue or paper (HL-30256R).  Our eye-catching colors also come with a removable adhesive: yellowbluegreenred, and orange
    • Synthetic material:  These polypropylene labels offer a high-level durability and resistance from a variety of outdoor and chemical environments (HL-30256-SYNTHETIC)