Brother DK-2223 Continuous Length Paper Tape Labels

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    For specification details for Brother labels, please click here.

    Brother®-compatible DK-2223 (DK-22223 in Europe) continuous length labels (HL-2223) are 100% compatible with QL Brother label printers (see “compatibility” below). Brother DK2223 continuous length paper labels can be used for address labels, name badges, bar-coding, shelving signage, folders and many other home and office uses.  As a continuous label, you can enjoy the flexibility of creating any type of custom length label.  These versatile labels work well with USPS®, Click-N-Ship®, Pitney Bowes Shipstream™ Manager Deluxe, eBay® and PayPal® and other popular shipping software.

    • Brother DK2223 continuous length paper tape dimesnion: 1-31/32" x 100 feet (50mm wide x 30.48m long)
    • Continuous length paper tape label (not die-cut)
    • Brother DK2223 Labels are bright white for professional results
    • Brother continuous length paper tape are smudge-proof and water/oil resistant
    • Quality label stock, manufactured by Fasson® or Ricoh®
    • Permanent, long-lasting adhesive for a broad range of temperatures and surfaces
    • Black poly bag and mini-carton to protect each roll from dirt, sunlight and scuffing
    • Value for money – buy this brand compatible product for much less than the Brother product
    • BPA Free
    • 100% compatible with the following BROTHER Label Printers: Brother QL-1050, Brother QL-1060N, Brother QL-1100, Brother QL-1110NWB, Brother QL-500, Brother QL-700, Brother QL-710W, Brother QL-720NW, Brother QL-800, Brother QL-810W, Brother QL-820NWB, Brother QL-1050N, Brother QL-550, Brother QL-570, Brother QL-570VM, Brother QL-580N, Brother QL-650TD

    NOTE:  Does not include the black plastic cartridge.  Please look in the “You Might Also Like” tab if you would like to purchase one of HouseLabels' re-usable cartridges.  A different cartridge is required for each roll model.  A video is available instructing how to assemble.

    Our Brother-compatible DK-2223 (DK-22223) labels are also available in:

    • Reusable 2223/22223 cartridge: reusable cartridges are guaranteed to be compatible with our DK-2223/DK-22223 rolls and save you a lot of money.
    • Pre-packs with shipping included and a free reusable cartridge: click here to purchase a pack of rolls and get one reusable-cartridge, shipping included to any of the 48 contiguous states.