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    Certain rolls we produce have small flaws.  For most users, the rolls are very usable, especially at a nice discount!  Here are some examples:

    • Certain rolls have continuous (not die-cut) labels or paper, such as the Brother 2xxx series (e.g., 2205) and DYMO 30270.  This means that there are no breaks throughout the roll.  However, on any production run, we have a small percentage of rolls that are not the correct length.  We join/seam them together to produce a roll of correct length.  These rolls have only ONE seam.  These rolls are discounted 20% and are very limited in supply.
    • Certain Zebra rolls have partial or missing perforations between labels.
    • DYMO 30856 (a paper badge) will have ONE label that is not usable as it will have clear tape on the back.