Freezer Labels

description Zebra/Eltron®-compatible FREEZER die-cut labels are high quality, coated, direct thermal, bright white paper label with an all temperature hotmelt based adhesive. These labels are capable of functioning at temperatures as low as -55°F and are perfectly suited for use with freezer grade materials. They are not recommended for use in extreme high temperatures or in areas exposed to direct sunlight.

These labels are commonly used with Datamax®, Intermec®, SATO®, Fargo® and Zebra/Eltron® thermal desktop printers; however, they are compatible with any direct thermal label printer with a transmissive label sensor.  Labels sold by HouseLabels are tested to ensure that they are within manufacturers' material specifications.  Please check the specifications of your printer before purchasing labels.  Our labels will not damage your printhead.  They can be used for address labels, name badges, bar-coding, shelving signage, folders and many other home and office uses. These versatile labels work well with USPS®, Click-N-Ship®, Pitney Bowes Shipstream™ Manager Deluxe, eBay® and PayPal® and other popular shipping software.

Key Features of FREEZER-D labels:

  • Outperforms Zebra Z-Perform 4000D in many tests (see report) 
  • FSC Approved facestock and liner (FSC-C111395)
  • Excellent freezer grade adhesive
  • Designed for use in thermal printing at printing speed up to 300mm/s (12"/s)
  • Safe to use on packaging of food products where FDA 175.105 is required

Typical Performance data

  • Initial Tack 320 N/m FTM 9 glass
  • Peel Adhesion 90° 600 N/m FTM 2
  • Min. appl. temp. -20°C (-5°F)
  • Service temp. -50°C (-55°F) to 70°C (155°F) subject to face stock limitations

Designed for use in thermal printing at print speed up to 200mm/s and where image resistance is required. Typical applications include barcode labels for prepacked food (e.g meat, fish, poultry, and fish) and industrial barcoding (e.g laboratories, hospitals, and pharmaceutical applications). Avoid prolonged temperature of 50°C or more for long periods. Exposure to direct sunlight or strong fluorescent light may invalidate the image.

Adhesive Performance Excellent cold temperature performance. Moderate room temperature performance. Good adhesion performance can be achieved on slightly frosted surfaces. Resistant to moisture during thawing. Suitable for a wide range of packaging materials and in particular flexible films. Complies with the European food directives and legislation, FDA 175.105 and the German recommendations XIV as published by BfR the German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment.