Houselabels brand, Round Dots 2" 800 Sheets

Manufacturer part number: HL-2INCH-RD-800
8.5" x 11.0" | Circle 2” Diameter | White GLOSSY| Laser & InkJet | Permanent-Adhesive | 800 Sheets | 12 Labels per Sheet

Please read: HouseLabels does not sell Avery® products and is in no way affiliated with Avery®. Avery® cross-reference numbers are used here solely for selection of proper software template layout in most popular label software programs. Avery® cross reference numbers are not indicative of sheet performance. AVERY® and all other Avery-branded product names and SKU trademarks are trademarks of CCL Label, Inc. CCL Label, Inc. does not sponsor or endorse any products made or sold by HouseLabels. Why buy expensive branded labels? Save by buying HouseLabels inkjet/laserlabels. Storage & Handling: -Keep your labels in the original packaging until you're ready for printing. -Hold your labels by the edges to prevent smudging or fingerprints. -Store your labels in a cool, dry place to avoid humidity. -Shield your labels from consistent exposure to direct sunlight or fluorescent lighting. -Separate your labels before loading them into the printer tray. Label sheets can sometimes stick together. -Make sure your label sheets are stored laying flat. This will help prevent curling or damage to the sheets prior to printing.Why buy expensive branded labels? Save by buying HouseLabels inkjet/laser labels. These HouseLabels inkjet/laser labels will work with the Avery® 6450 template and the U-Line® S-8075 template. Other important features of our inkjet/laser labels: Labels are bright white GLOSSY for professional results   Labels are water and oil resistant 2" diameter round 12 labels per sheet 800 sheets Blank Sheets. No Writing Guaranteed printer performance in HP, Canon, Epson and other printers Because of differences in feed, delivery systems, etc, it is the responsibility of the user to test diecut material to ensure compatibility with their specific model of printer in its operating environment.