200 Bags KRAFT Bubble Padded Envelope 8.5”x12” (8.5”x11” usable space) Free Shipping

SKU: HL-KBM8.5X11-200
Manufacturer part number: HL-KBM8.5X11-200
8.5 inch by 12 inch | 8.5 inch by 11 inch interior | Self-Sealing | Adhesive | Kraft Bubble Mailer

• Inner dimensions 8.5” x 11” size #2 exterior 8.5” x 12” Color is kraft yellow interior bubble lining gives cushioning to contents.
• WIDELY USED - Popular for clothing, books, documents
• QUICK EASY PACKING – The KRAFT bags flexible shape allows quick and easy packaging of irregular shaped soft objects. The peel-off strip makes for a quick seal, no licking or water needed to close bag.
• SAVE ON SHIPPING COST - The KRAFT bags are a light alternative to cardboard packaging, saving you money on shipping costs
• PROVIDES CONFIDENTIALITY - The opaque yellow outer surface ensures the privacy of contents with a professional appearance
• TAMPER EVIDENT PACKAGING – These bags are sealed with pressure sensitive adhesive that provides a high strength and a durable closure. Once sealed correctly, the bag has to be ripped to be reopened making tampering visible.
• FAST SHIPPING – ships from U.S.A. Compare shipping speed to competitors