Badge Tape Supplies for the Accushield

and Health Screening Kiosk

DK-2205-ACC Replacement Roll

2-4/9" x 100 feet | 62mm x 30.48m | Continuous | White | Direct Thermal | BPA Free | Permanent-Adhesive
As low as $3.57

DK-2205-ACC Cartridge

Save money by buying our Brother-compatible DK rolls (without the permanent cartridges) and use our reusable cartridges to save money. Our reusable cartridges are guaranteed to be compatible with our rolls.
As low as $5.99

WELCOME to the Accushield authorized site for badge tape supplies for the Accushield Sign-in and Health Screening Kiosk.

We are offering two items for purchase:

  1. DK-2205 replacement rolls for you Brother printer, and
  2. Reusable cartridges for DK-2205 replacement rolls.

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